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Logistics Coordinator swaps office for truck

There is usually only one 4am in my day however on Friday 10th August I discovered there were two as it was my turn to experience a day in a Kerfoot truck.  The route planned was six deliveries of KPO and KSO oil throughout the South Yorkshire area.  Armed with sandwiches and a flask of tea my driver for the day was Dave Hodgson and at 6:30am we departed our Goole James Street factory and headed on our way.

Despite working in Logistics for a few years now I had never

New mode of transport for Logistics

I just had to tell the world this story from my holiday in Olu Deniz in Turkey – the one time when I wasn’t worrying about moving our vegetable oils around the world!

After a 40 minute heated bus ride in 58°C heat I found myself 6000 feet above Olu Deniz town!  My tandem flight partner got me ready for take off, helmet on, backpack on then attaching the paraglide to the back of him it was time to go (after checking the paraglide was not tangled… at which point I

Eye spy with my little eye…

…an incredible truck!

So as well as being uber-busy with our new website we have also very recently launched an upgraded fleet of vehicles incorporating our new motherbrand.  Across both our HGV curtain-sided vehicles and our bulk road tankers, the It’s Incredible theme is now on the roads across the UK and continent.

I like to keep a check on the Logistics division great pride and joy so I am constantly asking the commercial teams when they are out and about