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My suitcase has never been so heavy!

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going“.  This is the story of my trip to the UK & to working at Kerfoot HQ in Yorkshire.  My trips have always been unique; unfortunately, I am leaving very soon, but as for any trip I will be taking back a full & even heavier suitcase – packed with new experiences & new challenges, new memories & new friends, new places visited & of course one of the most important ones – new targets

I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

Not more than eight hours have passed since I started the so-called escape from the realm of ice and snow.  It was the beginning of February and the cold wind of the north felt like I was trying to fool him and started blowing fiercefully as I approached the Chisinau Airport hill in Moldova.  It was so cold that I could no longer feel my hands and toes and the air was almost hard to breathe.

Somehow frozen and a little bit dizzy I followed the airport and Duane personnel hoping that

Victoria Ghetu on her 1st visit to Yorkshire

So what did I think of when I heard people in my country Moldova talking of England?  I thought of proud castles, the monarchy, royal weddings, green villages, rainy weather & afternoon tea.  In between all the work & training I have been doing with The Kerfoot Group teams across HQ & Goole, I have had some time to explore Yorkshire.  Here are my top ten new favourites for my new short life in Yorkshire.

1.  Favourite food – Fish & chips,

Kerfoot Overseas LLP come to HQ

Since opening our subsidiary office in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, 6 years ago Kerfoot Overseas LLP has gone from strength to strength.  Between the three employees over there, Christina Baciu, Aliona Mocanu and Victoria Ghetu, they focus on the Kerfoot Speciality Oils division.  Christina leads the Eastern European, Russian and Middle Eastern sales portfolio for the area while her two colleagues focus on the hugely important technical requirements, documentation and administration