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Cycling from Northallerton to Paris

Thomas & Jennifer were at Northallerton Town Hall at 7am yesterday to wave off Tom Schofield, Hamish Marsden, Phillip Birch & Ian Duffus as they began their 600 mile journey to Paris on bicycles!  All from Yorkshire, their objective is to raise £5,000 for The Alzeihmer’s Society, the leading UK care and research charity for people with Alzeihmer’s disease and other dementias, their families and their carers.

They are cycling over 100 miles a day to be at the

Keeping it natural!

The promotion of vanity is an ongoing theme on our TV screens, tabloids and advertising boards.  In the past decade the importance of maintaining ones skin has shifted up the priority list of the average shopper.  Despite there being a decline in the overall retail segment this year figures have proved the health and beauty sector to be one of the most resilient during this economic downturn.  Undoubtedly the larger brands within the industry have had to make significant discounts in