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Life In Systems

Name: Adam Rye
Job Title: IT Infrastructure Engineer
Length of service: 1 Year 10 Months

1. Explain your role in a maximum of 2 sentences
My role is to ensure the continuity of all IT infrastructures across the Groups sites, strategically plan and implement new technology across all The Kerfoot Group sites.

2. If you were an oil, which one would you be and why?
Coconut Oil, It tastes so good!

3. Tell us 1 interesting/surprising fact about

All Systems Go!

Our systems department are beginning the process of moving our systems to a brand new hardware. As all of the boxes arrived on a truck, which only just fit in the car park, the faces of the systems team lit up.
As the planning stage started the systems team began to design the servers to go beyond what we need so that we can continue to not only input orders on the system quickly but to have information sent across to our customers in no time at all.
As the systems team began to

Dishing up High Speed WIFI

As the Group Systems Manager the one thing I am never short of in my working day are challenges about how best to maximise the use of the current Kerfoot Group IT equipment, & also find solutions to existing problems.

One recent challenge we faced was to find a more effective & efficient communication solution to our bulk loading terminal.  The Bulk terminal is located around 300Mtrs from our Packed Oils factory & uses a broadband connection to acquire its data.