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The Chips are Up

National Chip Week 17-21 February 2014

Regular readers of our blog will know what a food-loving lot we are, & as the UK’s leading independent supplier of vegetable oils, we could not let National Chip Week pass by without acknowledging it! As well as sharing our own favourite chip recipes (& the endless list of accompaniments…be it steak, fish, ketchup, mayo, eggs or something

Cycle To Work Scheme – “Vive le Peloton”

Here at the Kerfoot Group we love a healthy workforce so we encourage our employees to get plenty of exercise. We are also just a little bit excited about the world famous bike race, The Tour de France coming to our doorstep in Yorkshire for the Grand Depart in 2014. So the People Division have introduced a Cycle to Work scheme as a fantastic benefit for our staff to help them “get on their bikes”!

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government initiative which allows employees to