soap base

What makes the ideal soap base?

Just like every building needs a solid foundation, every personal care and hygiene product needs an equally solid base to build on.  At Kerfoot Group, we pride ourselves on

Vegetable oil

Heart-healthy oils

The human body is a complex system of actions and reactions. What we put into it can affect the performance and long-term health of the

Mental Health Awareness Week

During May, we are observing Mental Health Awareness Week in the U.K. Taking time to understand mental wellbeing is always useful, but it’s especially important

Kukui oil

Why choose Kukui Oil?

Say aloha to Kukui Oil, one of the most powerful natural oils available for personal care! Kukui is the national state tree of Hawaii and

Coconut Oil

Why do consumers love Coconut Oil?

In the world of personal care and beauty, image is everything, and not just for the consumer. Brands of all sizes are switching on to

Veganuary – A natural oil solution

Within the last five years, nothing has showcased the shifting power dynamic between consumer culture and brand like the meteoric rise of veganism. Only a