Tea Tree Oil is one of the most captivating ingredients for personal care products. Far from being just a distinctive aroma, its wide range of benefits has boosted product range value for formulators for a long time.

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Manufactured by Tea Tree Oil specialist Auz, it is one of the most versatile essential oils available to formulators, found in everything from hair care and soap to facial cleansers. Discover more about Tea Tree Oil benefits, its diverse uses and why it has made the jump from medicine to personal care.


The history of Tea Tree Oil

The essential oil, harvested from Melaleuca alternifolia (or ‘Tea Tree’), can trace its roots back to early Australia, as the plant is native to the New South Wales region. Explorer Captain James Cook noticed that the indigenous aboriginal population used Melaleuca alternifolia leaves to make a sharply scented tea, coining the term Tea Tree.

Indigenous Australians were also known to extract essential oil from the leaves, which was used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including skin conditions, treating acne and colds. It’s testament to the natural qualities of the essential oil that it’s still often used for these purposes today.

Thanks to the benefits of terpineol molecules, oil of the Tea Tree has been explored further for its antimicrobial qualities. In studies, the essential oil was shown to be up to 13 times more active than phenol, a compound used as an antibacterial ingredient, while being milder and safer for topical use on all skin types.


Why is Tea Tree Oil proving such a hit?

The secret lies in the essential oil’s unique blend of high performance and versatility, combined with a distinctive nutmeg-like aroma. Its natural composition makes it an ideal addition to hand creams and sanitisers. Tea Tree oil is shown to kill several pathogenic bacteria commonly associated with colds, flu and other illnesses, including E. coli and H. influenzae.


What products is Tea Tree Oil used in? 

Tea Tree Oil is widely used in both its pure form, and diluted with a neutral carrier oil, such as Sunflower Oil or Olive Oil. The essential oil’s stability makes it suitable for a very wide range of products and manufacturing processes.

Formulators looking to instantly boost the performance and value of their product range will find Tea Tree Oil to be a convincing choice for nourished and hydrated skin. Penetrating deep into the skin barrier, its powerful antiviral qualities make it an ideal choice for skin and face cleansers, while remaining kind and gentle on the skin. For similar reasons, Tea Tree Oil is often used in skin repair and antiseptic formulations for minor cuts and scrapes.

As well as being a perennial favourite in skin care formulations designed to address dry skin, Tea Tree Oil also has a strong foothold in hair care products. From shampoos and conditioners to sprays, pomades and clays, the distinctively fresh aroma of Tea Tree Oil can offer personal care performance across a wide cross-section of product categories. Unblocking sebaceous glands in the hair, Tea Tree Oil nourishes hair follicles while also moisturising and hydrating the scalp.

The essential oil is thought to be particularly useful for anti-dandruff, itchy scalp and head lice formulations, all while remaining gentle on the skin.

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent ingredient choice in personal hygiene products such as body wash, lotion and moisturiser, leaving skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The essential oil pairs well with scents such as mint, citrus and eucalyptus, allowing the sharper aromas to shine through while softening the edges.


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