Kerfoot Group, a leading supplier of natural and organic oils, essential oils, waxes and butters, for the personal care products sector in the UK, has commented on the significance of zero-waste Plum Kernel Oil in underlining its commitment to sustainable business.

From a production network in France, the oil stands apart from many of its contemporaries in the personal care ingredients sector, because of the processes used to manufacture it. The operation ensures each part of the plum is utilised and none of it goes to waste or landfill. Kerfoot Group has commented on the success of the ingredient and what it may mean for the future of ingredients supply.

As consumers continue to gravitate towards more sustainably focused products, Kerfoot Group believes that Plum Kernel Oil is an example of how the personal care sector can find additional sustainability gains along its supply chains. The business believes that this can be achieved by selecting ingredients that demonstrate meaningful eco-friendly credentials that resonate with shoppers – and harnessing this as a key product advantage.

Plum Kernel Oil is finding a strong foothold as a naturally moisturising ingredient, seeing a surge in use across skin and hair care product formulations, with particularly favourable performance found in pre-shampoo hair masks and conditioning treatments. Its light golden colour and preferable nutrition content have contributed to its rising popularity. The oil contains high proportions of oleic acid at up to 80%, as well as 90% unsaturated fatty acids.

Simon Corner, Sales & Marketing Director at Kerfoot Group, commented: “We are seeing real changes across the personal care sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed how consumers are making purchase decisions, but it hasn’t stopped the consumer drive for sustainability. In fact, it’s more important than ever. Shoppers are once again flocking to products and brands that can offer a blend of performance and sustainability.

Plum Kernel Oil is part of Kerfoot Group’s considerable offering to the food, personal care and industrial sectors, which consists of more than 500 oils, butters, waxes and ingredients. The business offers a diverse portfolio, including plant-based oils designed to match the consumer’s demand for natural authenticity, performance and sustainability with the quality, value and provenance that matters to brands and product formulators.

Simon concluded: “The time for brands to make waves with their ingredient choice is now. As we see new product development kick back into high gear, we believe that Plum Kernel Oil is a prime example of where premium quality meets responsible manufacture. Including it in formulations adds another string to the marketing bow for brands, while offering consumers the guilt-free peace of mind they want with their purchases. At Kerfoot Group, we believe that zero-waste production is the future of the sector, but it’s not just a pipe dream for brands – it’s right here, right now.”

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