Brands striving for commercial success in the competitive personal care sector understand that consumer habits are continually changing. 

The personal care market is volatile and subject to quick and successive disruptions over brief periods of time. But it is often these short-term consumer trends that become future purchasing behaviours. 

Globally, the cosmetic and personal oil market is growing at a rapid pace – expected to expand at an annual compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% during the forecast period 2022 to 20301.  

This growth is partly driven by the increased demand for organic and natural beauty products. Our ingredients tick these boxes, and we can enable companies to develop new products by including the right ingredients for the right applications.  

Our range of over 500 speciality oils and blends are ideal for use in formulating products that answer the latest sustainability trends, coupled to our unwavering commitment to continue a seamless and flexible supply of ingredients in the face of global supply chain challenges. 

At Kerfoot, we understand that the focus on sustainability and convenience is ongoing, and that there is an even stronger push on brand owners to develop products that deliver authenticity, quality, and performance.  


Guaranteed supply  

The global recession is being felt by everyone, and it is expected that the conflict in Ukraine will continue to impact on the supply of critical ingredients. While it is important to keep track of costs, it should not be to the detriment of a company’s new product development goals.  

During this challenging time, some brand owners are focusing on reformulating existing products in line with new requirements, while for others, innovation means expanding portfolios with all-new products that can also meet consumer demands head-on.  

Our localised supply chain and logistics expertise mean that we can continue to deliver about 100,000 tonnes of oil per annum to our clients, alongside extensive warehousing capacity and delivery fleet driving flexibility and access to our products. This all adds up to a positive impact on the affordability of our ingredients.  


Building a resilient future 

At Kerfoot, we remain committed to limiting our impact on the environment during all our operations. We take every opportunity to reduce our waste streams – through the re-use of packaging, waste oil and water and the recycling of paper and cardboard as standard working practices at all our sites.  

Our products are available in a range of grades and pack sizes and our guarantees and accreditations, including Soil Association, COSMOS and SEDEX, assist brand owners in the development of products that offer a favourable impression and foster brand loyalty with consumers.  

Historically, personal care oils have been used in skincare, elixirs, facial oils, lipsticks, lip balms, moisturisers, and serums. Today, they are seeing mainstream adoption in the development of hair care products too, often curing problems such as dandruff, dry scalp, and split ends. Personal care oils are also lauded as a substitute for chemical-based face creams due to their ability to reduce hyper-pigmentation, scars, stretch marks and dry skin. 

As skin and hair problems become more pronounced due to pollution, hormonal imbalances and genetic disorders, our specialist range of blended and base oils are a fantastic start to developing high quality, sustainable and clean label products to counter these issues – assuring market growth for your business for years to come!  

For more information on our range of specialist oils and blends, contact our team now to discuss your requirements.


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