At Kerfoot, we are joining the food and beverage industry in celebrating 50 years of National Nutrition Month. As a company, we are proud that our diverse and innovative range of top-quality oils are the ideal ingredient and raw material to assist you in developing and formulating healthier food options.

As an annual event, National Nutrition Month was launched in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The initial aim of the campaign was to provide insights and solutions that would furnish consumers with the relevant information to up their nutritional intake through informed food choices. But it has a key role to play in how new product developers can reimagine their product formulations too – offering consumers healthier food choices, particularly when developing processed foodstuffs.

To celebrate its 5th decade, the organisation’s theme for 2023 is ‘Fuel for the Future.’1 Eating with sustainability in mind is increasingly on the radar of informed consumers and offers a dual benefit: to nourish themselves and protect the environment. At Kerfoot, we are proud that our products comprise a trusted range of bulk, packed and specialist food oils that are sustainably sourced and produced to achieve these goals.


Bulk & refined oils

Whether you are looking for sunflower, rapeseed, olive, organic, blended vegetable oils or require a specific variety such as high oleic sunflower, we offer over 30 different sustainable refined oils for manufacturing and food service applications. All our products are supported by our highly integrated and efficient supply chain to meet your business needs. We understand the dynamic needs of the food sector and rise to the challenge!

With 40 years’ experience in oil processing and distribution, Kerfoot has global trading operations importing over 100,000 MT of oils every year into the UK. With sea-freight delivering directly to our port facilities in Goole and Hull, East Yorkshire, and our bulk storage facilities are accredited in line with the latest BRC (British Retail Consortium) Grade A (Food) accreditation to assure our customers of our commitment to food safety and security.


Nutrition & Supplements

While the oil industry often gets a bad rap, vegetable oils in fact provide a number of nutrients the body needs, including essential fats and vitamins. They also offer a wide variety of ways to flavour foods while boosting its nutrient content. Essential fatty acids are nutrients necessary for health, and the most trusted and stable forms is ingesting these from foodstuffs. The two primary types are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Linoleic acid, an omega-6 fat, is also found in flax, sesame, sunflower, safflower and soybean oils.


Speciality oils – a versatile option

If you are seeking unique custom blends in line with evolving customer requirements, why not talk to us about our unique custom blending services?

We know that the ability to deliver new and unique flavours and editions of food brands can be the key to long term business success and we are ready to help you with the latest information on the best oil combinations for your products.

Some of our great examples include garlic in sunflower oil, truffle in grapeseed oil and basil in extra virgin olive oil. Not only do these products push health benefits, they also take sourcing complexity out of your NPD by combining key recipe or formulation components into one ingredient – giving you the opportunity to get creative and gain operational efficiencies!

If you are interested in our product solutions, why not contact our sales team today for more information. (Hyperlink Jody info)



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