Whether liquid soap, solid soap bar or body care product, an authentic high-quality base is the perfect foundation for a product that captures the consumer’s imagination – and attention!

As a turnkey partner to the hygiene and personal care sectors, Kerfoot has an impressive selection of over 500 ingredients, including a diverse collection of high-performance soap bases.

Kerfoot is proud to partner with soap base specialist Stephenson, offering a suite of ingredients to meet every formulation need.

Each ingredient is backed up by Kerfoot’s team of product technicians and enviable stockholding – and can be seamlessly implemented into existing product formulations, as well as providing a solid core for new products. The collection includes melt and pour soap bases, liquid soap bases and cosmetic soap bases.

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Soap Bases from Kerfoot

Looking to buy soap ingredients or explore the options available for hygiene formulations? Discover the most popular Soap Bases available from Kerfoot, including:

So, why do businesses in the hygiene sector partner with Kerfoot?

When looking to create a premium soap bar with real consumer appeal, or develop a liquid soap that adds a deeper layer of naturally-derived performance, Kerfoot has the knowledge, expertise and supply chain proficiency to make it happen. 

When selecting your next soap supplier for new product formulations, choose a business that offers variety, provenance and consumer-led value.

Choice and variety are absolutely essential to today’s consumers – and we certainly offer the same to our customers! The Kerfoot range of oils, ingredients and soap bases to the hygiene, personal care and food sectors Plus, every ingredient offered is subject to regular and stringent quality control tests to ensure authenticity and consistent supply.

Kerfoot prides itself on offering authenticity, provenance – and ingredient performance that delights the consumer.

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