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Basil in Olive Extra Virgin Oil

Chilli in Sunflower Oil

Garlic in Sunflower Oil

Lemon in Sunflower Oil

Orange in Sunflower Oil

Truffle in Grapeseed Oil

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Meeting the latest consumer and market trends often means seeking new oil blends to differentiate a product range. Kerfoot specialises in delivering custom blends for clients seeking infusions, new flavours or scents to boost their food or personal care product range.

Whether creating unique blends to help control manufacturing costs or a basil infused oil for salad dressings and marinades, the Kerfoot team has the ideas, experience and technical expertise to support food scientists’ latest product development needs.

For personal care, Kerfoot offers the personal touch – delicate chamomile to zesty tangerine can be blended to boost the consumer experience offering unique and exciting solutions to delight.