Ghana-based, The Savannah Fruits Company focuses on the sustainable production and export of high quality, traditional hand-crafted shea butter, making it an ideal partner for Kerfoot.

The company was founded in 2006 with the belief that businesses can contribute to the sustainability of our planet’s ecosystem. The Savannah Fruits Company empowers rural Ghanaian communities by partnering with over 15,000 women to grow, harvest and process traditional hand-crafted shea butter and create value at the source.

For the production of organic certified shea butter, The Savannah Fruits Company offers fully traceable supply chain and logistics from start to finish; from the collection of nuts in the shea parklands in West Africa to the processing in local communities. The company’s business model is performed in a socially responsible and transparent manner.

In 2017, the company worked with over 10,000 nut collectors and 7,500 butter producers, increasing local employment for rural women in Ghana and contributing to local healthcare and education.

Together Kerfoot and The Savannah Fruits Company bring natural African resources to the rest of the world, delivering high-quality shea butter to the international edible and cosmetic markets, ensuring the value addition at the source is maximised.

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