Kerfoot Group (‘Kerfoot’), a leading supplier of natural and organic plant-based oils for the food industry, has commented on the rising creativity with oil blends seen in today’s new food product development (NPD) processes.

The business, which supplies brands large and small with authentic plant-based oils, has seen a significant increase in demand for oil blends that use ingredient innovation to meet the intensifying consumer demand for new twists on everyday food purchases.

Joanne Deighton, Commercial Manager at Kerfoot Group, commented: “There’s a real wave of innovation happening across the food manufacturing sector, from bakery and snacks through to soups, sauces and even desserts. It’s clear that as a sense of normality returns for the consumer, an ‘experience’ is more important than ever. This means that product developers are pushing the envelope in flavours and scents engaging consumers on a whole new level.

“One of the most prominent ways we see this in real-time is through our oil blending services and the combinations that brands are now exploring in NPD. Blends combine multiple natural ingredients into one stock keeping unit (‘SKU’) supplied by Kerfoot, cutting down on the time and resources required in handling, storage and auditing for manufacturers. For food product developers and technologists, it’s also a fresh opportunity to get creative. Consumers are opening up to global flavours and a break from the norm, and as a result, we’re seeing brands get more exploratory with ingredient choice.”

While established blends such as Garlic in Sunflower Oil or Basil in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are still proving a great value-adding choice, there is notable interest in some of the more ‘niche’ food oils on the market.

Joanna continued: “Brands are seeing that consumers are seeking new culinary experiences and are becoming more adventurous with product selection. To engage this audience, some of the less commonly used oils and ingredients are taking the spotlight in blends and providing real commercial value for manufacturers. Great oil blend examples we have seen include Truffle in Grapeseed Oil, providing effortless sophistication to recipes. This is proving to be a particularly strong choice as the market moves back towards premium and luxury products.

“We are also seeing more widespread use of citrus tones in formulations. Consumers are responding well to more exploratory sensations in food products, and we are seeing this reflected in rapidly growing interest in Orange or Lemon-infused Sunflower Oil, particularly in baked goods and snacks that require a little extra zest to stand out on competitive store shelves!”

Kerfoot Group, ingredients partner to the food manufacturing sector, supply a selection of pre-mixed ‘off the shelf’ oil blends, as well as custom blends for any application. Simplifying procurement and underpinning consistent ingredient supply, oil blends unlock faster speed to market and easier range expansion for brands.

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