The term ‘skinimalism’ hit mainstream in 2021 when TikTok and social media influencers started touting the benefits of a pared down skincare routine. But it is thought that this beauty ‘lifestyle’ really gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Suddenly it did not seem as important to invest in complicated beauty or cosmetic regimes when the world was in such turmoil and most of us were staying home.

Today, with economic uncertainties and a global recession impacting most consumers, it makes economic sense to invest in product development that centres around a simple skin care routine, using the best multi-functional product formulations available.

At Kerfoot, our curated and on trend specialist oils are ideal for use during the formulation of simplified beauty products for multiple uses. With natural actives and additional functionality, these products enable brand owners and manufactures to focus on developing products that highlight skin health – letting consumers’ natural beauty shine through!


What we can offer


With over 500 oils on our books, we are excited about the possibilities offered by plant-based oils that can provide natural emollient qualities while soothing the skin. As natural hydrators, we expect that the use of plant-based oils in skincare applications will continue to grow.

Coconut oil for example does not just nourish, but also locks in moisture. Grapeseed is another great example as it offers a lighter texture and is versatile and flexible – offering more linoleic acid than

most carrier oils. This means that it can effectively reduce the size of skin pores while upping hydration too.

This is also true for the multifunctional qualities of jojoba and argan oil as both oils lock in moisture. With a similar structure to the skin’s natural oils, jojoba can nourish and moisturise

without feeling oily to the touch, while argan oil protects the skin by restoring elasticity and is highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Olive oil is another product that resonates with consumers, building a strong footprint in personal care formulations as a powerful hydrating ingredient. Olive oil can be used across multiple applications, from shampoos and conditioners to hand creams, balms, and moisturisers.

In 2023, we also expect our blended oils to become an even bigger component of new product development. These compounds offer ease of use and additional functionality when developing simplified but multifunctional products. What is more, certain oils retain much more of their natural benefits than many traditional skincare counterparts, which often rely on synthetic compounds and chemicals.

Comprising two carrier flavoured or scented oils, our range of blended oils deliver innovation and attract beauty and personal care shoppers seeking products that can perform more roles than before. By balancing pure and unadulterated ingredients that are as close to nature as possible, blends offer traceability and authenticity – important factors for new product developers and consumers alike.

Personal and beauty care oils have long been a staple of skin care routines and are an excellent choice for integrating into a simplified and multi-functional skincare routine.


For more information about our wide range of natural, organic, and essential oils, waxes, butters, and oils blends contact our team now for formulation or new product development advice!