Are you searching for a star ingredient that combines versatility, efficacy, and functionality? Then ginger essential oil might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for!


While ginger has been used for centuries and across many cultures, its popularity is at an all-time high. Demand is driven by its treasure trove of formulation possibilities and benefits that enable brand owners and new product developers to create stand-out products in the beauty, personal care, and wellness industries.1  


As popular as ginger essential oil is today, its use dates back about 5,000 years, and although many questions remain about its exact origins, historical evidence supports that ginger root was first cultivated in India where it was a highly sought-after commodity, particularly for its medicinal use. Today, India, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria remain three of the biggest producers of ginger in the world.2


Like most essential oils, ginger is extracted through steam distillation. This process requires that the ginger root be ground and placed in a distillation unit. Steam then gently lifts and condensates the essential oil, which is then removed at the end of the process. This is a non-invasive and natural way of extracting ginger essential oil – protecting its important compounds, unique attributes, stimulating properties, and delicate and recognisable fragrance.3  


Today’s top beauty and personal care brands, and a new breed of ‘informed’ consumers, understand the power and purpose that ginger essential oil can bring to finished products. With its warming properties, ginger is a must-have, particularly during the colder winter months, bringing a stimulating effect to face washes, toners, creams, serums, hair tonics, massage blends, and body creams.


How Kerfoot can help


At Kerfoot, our range of ginger essential oils is made from 100% naturally sourced and traceable ginger root and processed with no chemicals or additives, keeping volatile compounds intact.


Its unique power in new product formulations rests on the eight main chemical constituents that offer the following benefits during formulation:5 


  • Camphene – known as a soothing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent
  • B-Phellandrene – offers antiseptic, antiviral, and decongestant properties
  • α-Pinene – excellent expectorant properties
  • Geranial – insecticidal and antioxidant effects
  • Zingiberene – responsible for the characteristic ginger scent
  • β-Bisabolene – fragrance agent is associated with ginger’s characteristic warm, woody, and fruity scents
  • β-Sesquiphellandrene- offers carminative and stomachic properties
  • Curcumene – hypotensive and analgesic effects



Containing an astonishing 40 antioxidant properties, ginger essential oil not only protects the skin against free radicals but also safeguards it from premature ageing, improves elasticity, and acts as a rejuvenating agent to lift and smooth the epidermis.


Ginger also features fantastic astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that can effectively repair the epidermis, while impacting significantly on blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and stubborn scars. And, as a powerful antiseptic and cleansing agent, ginger compounds are excellent at performing detoxifying functions – impacting significantly on minimising the rate of acne formation and clearing up triggering breakouts.4


Beauty and personal care shoppers will continue to seek out products that are pure and unadulterated, staying as close to nature as possible. At Kerfoot, an Oleon company part of the Avril Group, we offer a trusted and sustainable source of ginger essential oil. Speak to our sales team today, to unpack its full range of benefits!



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