The massive growth in specialist food and beauty oil is driven by the changing requirements and evolving needs of consumers, and post-COVID 19, this is particularly true for the health and wellness industries. This year, consumers will continue to pursue products that offer a more natural positioning – whether in personal care, beauty, or the food processing industry.  

Oil blends that transform food 

While the use of plant-based beauty oils is at an all-time high, specialist oil blends used in food production are also buoyant – driven by the requirement for ethical, flavourful and sustainable products – in particular items where traceability and provenance are a priority.  

Moving forward, consumers will continue to seek variety and diversity in food products coupled to experiences that offer a new twist on traditional favourites – especially when it comes to vegan and vegetarian foodstuffs. While these are often touted as a more healthy and natural choice, they can be ultra or hyper-processed, which puts their nutritional worth into question.   

To up the health positioning of processed food products, the sector is increasingly reliant on the use of raw materials and ingredients with a more natural, organic and plant-based focus. This is particularly true when it comes to the growing demographic of informed and involved consumers who demand choice and authenticity.  Plant-based oils such as rape, canola and sunflower are an important and widely used lipid source in the food processing industry. For the most part, these products keep linoleic and linoleic acids at an optimum level and are ideal carrier oils for oil blends.   

Specialist oils and oil blends are also a cost-effective way to broaden your product portfolio or line extension without adding unnecessary supply chain complexity. Not only will this give you a competitive edge during processing, but it also means that you do not have to compromise on ingredient provenance and quality!  

During food processing, the ideal oil blend builds on a solid, quality carrier oil by adding flavour and aroma that can be built into new products from the outset. Good examples include Basil or Chili in Sunflower Oil and Garlic in Rapeseed Oil. 

One of the most exciting and powerhouse blends developed by our specialist team is Garlic-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a fantastic addition and cost-effective way for food manufacturers to combine two important recipe components into one streamlined, versatile and powerful ingredient. By removing unnecessary processing steps it keeps costs down for the manufacturer – a critical factor in staying competitive.  

Why the beauty industry loves specialist oils 

When it comes to formulating cosmetic and personal care products, beauty oils, an umbrella term that covers a wide range of natural or plant-based oils, are expected to continue their steady climb. But what is driving this growth?  

In the past few decades, the use of beauty oils has done a full 360° turn and is today prized as the perfect multi-functional ingredient for personal care and beauty brands.  

Initially perceived as a contributor to oily skin, breakouts and clogged pores, their efficacy in preventing wrinkles, moisturising and soothing sunburn is undisputed. Jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants, these time-honoured ingredients are finally getting the recognition they deserve in modern day formulations. Further upping their position are their availability as natural, eco-friendly, and organic raw materials – irresistible to the consumer looking for products with natural claims.2 

Plant-based specialist and blended oils offer exciting opportunities for manufacturers to harness natural goodness into new formulations for today’s discerning consumer and our dedicated research and development team are on hand to assist you with the right information to uplift your products.   

Whether used for vegan and vegetarian new product development or acting as a therapeutic oil during gua sha or hair slugging, plant-based oils and oil blends are the perfect multi-tasker and workhorse to add to your recipe or formulation repertoire. For more information on our range, please contact the team at 


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