Say aloha to Kukui Oil, one of the most powerful natural oils available for personal care! Kukui is the national state tree of Hawaii and is also known as the ‘candlenut tree’ because of the fruit’s early use in creating candles for the indigenous Hawaiian people.

The oil has a rich, fascinating history of use that not many other natural ingredients can match! After arriving in Hawaii, brought by Polynesian settlers, the kukui nut was worn by chiefs and kings, known as Ali’l, and became a status symbol. The oil was also used to waterproof boats and canoes, a cultural ritual still used in part today as it is used by Hawaiian locals on surfboards.

Kukui Oil, also referred to as Kukui Nut Oil, has been widely used in Hawaii and Polynesian islands for hundreds of years, but is now gaining traction across the globe for its wide range of fantastic benefits, particularly in personal care products. Brands and formulators today are switching on to the real advantages that Kukui Oil brings and harnessing its organic qualities to boost the functionality and shelf appeal of personal care products.

It’s timely, too! Consumers today are looking for quality and authenticity like never before and are voting with their wallets. To succeed in an increasingly fierce omnichannel retail environment, brands must be able to clearly demonstrate authenticity, traceability and provenance. That’s where an exceptional end-to-end partner like Kerfoot truly shows its value. The company matches the global buying power and reach of the multinational Avril Group with the ethos and personal service approach of a local business.

But what makes Kukui Oil such a powerful choice?


The most well-known and powerful benefit of Kukui Oil is its ability to naturally moisturise and hydrate. The oil is absorbed quickly into the skin without feeling slick or greasy. The secret lies in its abundance of natural vitamins A, C, E and F, nourishing the skin with a naturally occurring emollient effect.

Soothing and protecting

The oil has historically been used to soothe burns and help to repair the skin, indicating the versatility of the ingredient. Kukui Nut Oil’s enviable vitamin content means it’s a fantastic addition to protective and reparative skincare products, including sun aftercare to repair damaged or burned skin.

Because of its significant ability to lock in moisture, Kukui Nut Oil is a great natural addition to eczema treatments. By deeply and effectively hydrating the skin, the oil can potentially act to soothe mild inflammation and swelling.


When used as part of a regular regime, Kukui Nut Oil can have dramatic anti-ageing qualities too. The oil is rich in antioxidants, helping the skin to boost production of collagen and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Kukui Nut Oil is popular in formulations that reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring for this reason.

Immune System Boost

The antioxidants in Kukui Nut Oil don’t just boost the production of collagen to promote healthy, fresher skin, they can also help to strengthen and support the body’s natural immune system by limiting exposure to irritants. Cracked or dry skin can invite harmful pathogens into the body, which means Kukui Oil in personal care formulations can prevent skin breakage, and so act as another line of security to the body’s natural defences.

Particularly as consumers seek to simplify skincare regimes and get ‘back to basics’ with natural and organic ingredients, the selection of ingredients available from Kerfoot provides a significant boost to the market appeal of products. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your personal care products in functionality and raw shelf appeal, Kukui Nut Oil could be the ideal solution!